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I've been designing websites for many years now. I remember way back in 1995, when I was working on the Helpdesk for Applied Materials in Santa Clara, CA. I would hack into the database (which was accessed by a basic intranet frontend) using only JavaScript...oh what fun! But then I got serious & learned XHTML coupled with PHP, & so I began to turn out website after website.

And all these years later, I'm still at it! A lot has changed, but the principles I've learned throughout the years have kept growing, & are evident in my designs.

Thank You!

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07/01/22 - Friday Morning, 9:43am

New locale! Ha, well I'm back in California!

What comes around, goes around... like me! lol

06/19/22 - Sunday Afternoon, 2:10pm

Ok, I've decided to keep my HTML & CSS structure on this website alone. But I'll craft some sites, & use them as templates for client sites. Here I go!

Well, it's another day, & I am determined to complete at least two unique websites, 3 pages each. I'm deciding which niche each site will be specifically targeted to.

06/05/22 - Sunday Morning, 11:57am

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Self, you should completely redo your website!"? Well, guess what y'all....I think I'll do just that! lol.

05/24/22 - Tuesday Evening, 8:04pm

Here I am, feeling way better that I was feeling this morning...but anyway lol. I've put my web work on pause

05/08/22 - Sunday Afternoon, 5:24pm

I've been going back & forth on either re-writing my full CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for this site, to incorporate the latest techniques I've been adopting this past year. & to top it off, the lastest page I've created on this site does NOT use Flexbox as my container style. Instead I've decided to to use Grid for my layouts, which to me offered a better fit for this site.

I'll detail my workflow & any (hopefully) useful tips I've learned along the way in my next post...
Until then, cheers!

02/05/22 - Saturday Night, 8:58pm

So this weekend I plan on getting a big chunk completed on my "client area" frontend & backend...lots of coding!!! But that's okay because I'm always willing to code until my fingers fall off, or begin to bleed lol! But seriously, I do enjoy using css3 & HTML5 to build my sites. & I have so many great references to go to for help, when I get stuck on something...the risks of hand coding lol!

But anyway...I wanted to write the backend & frontend for my "client area" so I can get really familiar with the coding. So what I've come up with is putting up a page for the login itself. Then I use PHP to build the logic statements that determine who the authenticated user is, & build that user profile on the fly, remembering any content from previous login's by my clients. It's fun!!!...yikes...

I'll be listing information specific to each client's needs, such as SEO information, traffic logs & visitor information, etc...I'm still trying to decide the best route to take regarding how I'm going to display the SEO content to the logged on user. I could go the XHTML way & use DIV containers, floating them via CSS3. Or I can go old school & use the TABLE element (which is perfect for displaying this type of data, btw...) to display the user's SEO data - OR I could go the flexbox route!

& The Winner Is!

I'll be using flexbox to layout my data :)

I'll be posting about the process I use, so stay tuned!